Saturday, October 5, 2013

PROfilez: Mass Effect (2007)

- Dating sim partz that shows a woman's butt in it (unlike the sequels with no nudity)
- Choose-your-own adventure storyline where you can choose to kill lots of aliens and be mean to everyone
- Very interesting backstory (later ruined in Mass Effect 3)
- Very scary plot twist
- Very satisfying ending where you get revenge
- Combat system is unseen never before in a video game. Challenging and tactical.
- All the weapons have infinite ammo
- Best soundtrack. BEST.
- Song at the end of the game is the best and will blow the player face off
- Characters are dressed for combat (unlike the sequels)
- You get to drive around on a ton of planets, even though there is nothing on them, which makes the game seem very big and immersive (unlike the sequels)
- Lens flares everywhere
- Not very long game...15 hours action short and powerful (unlike the sequels). Storyline develops as you go along and lots of stuff happens, unlike the sequels.

- Nothing

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