Friday, October 11, 2013

No no'z of game design

I was playing inFAMOUS 2 and was getting mad because the developers broke many of the rulez of good game design. It reminds me of an article from Next Generation Magazing January 1997. Here are some rulez:

x Never take control away from the player
Cutscenes are one thing, but taking control away from the player during gameplay is a recipe for disaster. Any time the player isn't in complete control disrupts the flow of gameplay, and it is worst when it leads to death. This includes auto-aim, in-game cutscenes where you lose control of the character, and, in inFAMOUS 2, auto-grabbing everything.

x Consistency is key
Cause and effect...all causes should have the same effects. If you can climb on ONE pole in inFAMOUS, you should be able to climb on ALL poles, and not clip through and die on some of them >:0

x Responsive controls are also key
When you press a button, the game should immediately respond. There should not be a delay due to animation or something. Animations are okay to look like shit if they are backed up by snappy example is Colonial Marines. Good work, boys!

x Deaths should be the player's fault
When the player dies, it should feel like it's their fault. If the player dies because the camera got stuck in the ground (inFAMOUS) or they were killed during an in-game cutscene (Resident Evil 6), then that is bad. When the player dies, they should think, "Okay, next time I will try again harder" instead of, "Great, every time I play this part, I will die because of the game fucking up."

x Make a list of things you can do in the game
...does it look like fun? Does following a minimap and collecting dots sound like a good time (inFAMOUS, Assassin's Creed, FarCry 3)? >:0No no'z of game design:

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