Saturday, October 5, 2013

PROfilez: Crysis 2 (2011)

- Looks very nice, good range of environments
- Killing the ceph is satisfying because all of their goop spatters out
- You can put silencers on all the weapons

- Unnecessary HUD elements everywhere detract from the graphics (radar, weapon info, waypoints, tagged enemies and items, pick-up prompts, object outlines, point counters, etc.). Coupled with the high amount of detail, this makes it difficult to focus on where enemies are relative to you in the environment.
- Goddamned suit won't stop talking and is very annoying
- Performance can be bad sometimes, even on a Nvidia 550ti
- Story makes no sense whatsoever. As the game progresses and becomes more repetitive, there is no driving motivation to find out what happens next.
- Maximum Speed is gone >:0

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