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PROfilez: Turok 2: Seedz of Evil (N64)

- Best graphics at the time, still hold up to this day due to good animations
- Dismemberment and tons of gore, enemies react to getting shot or what weapon you're holding
- Giant enemies, all of them distinct and well designed
- Creative weapons like the Cerebral Bore, Tek Bow, Scorpion, Razor Wind and Shredder
- Incredible soundtrack and audio design
- World design is impressive, atmosphere is desolate and ominous
- Invented the weapon wheel that is illegally plagiarized even to this day
- "Frag Tag" (aka Monkey Tag) multiplayer mode is in a league of its own even to this day
- Black box and black game cart are very cool even to this day
- If I had three wishes, one of them would be for this game to be remade

- Extremely easy to get completely and utterly lost
- Despite weapon variety, the shotgun ends up being your go-to gun for most of the game
- Cannot kill the children you run into
- PC version lighting looks like shit (see: all of these screenshots, which are just full-bright, or 99% of the videos on youtube, which also feature the fucked-up emulated version. The real version is so god damned dark and spooky, you need to use the Flare Gun or flashlight to see)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

PROfilez: Killzone Shaodw Fall (PS4)

- Nice graphics
- Very balanced multiplayer with good map design and unique abilities and upgrades
- Gun controls are ultra-responsive
- The OWL drone is cool when it works
- The Spoor gun is designed very well

- Fuckiing OWL drone is very temperamental about when it will work and is thus very unreliable
- Can't hear anything anyone is saying, even with the music and sfx turned down..have to use subtitiles
- Lots of rocks, poles, chairs, and other pointless things in the environment to get stuck on
- Overall amount of gun combat is relatively low
- Too many dark levels, all without a flashlight
- "Stealth" mission paths that can't be completed with stealth
- "Simon says" -type "do-what-I-say-or-die" levels with Echo, even though she is hot
- Some very poor pacing in the campaign make for some agonizingly drawn out pointless scenes
- Music is noticeably absent in many parts of the campaign, and doesn't contribute much to the overall atmosphere when present
- D-pad can be unresponsive in multiplayer
- The player "Gods Messenger" in multiplayer is gay

Screen shots by me >:0

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Caes Study: Alien Rage (PC)

Reboot of the movie "Alien" in video game form of corse  ;)

Sweet game with nice difficulty >:0


Friday, October 11, 2013

No no'z of game design

I was playing inFAMOUS 2 and was getting mad because the developers broke many of the rulez of good game design. It reminds me of an article from Next Generation Magazing January 1997. Here are some rulez:

x Never take control away from the player
Cutscenes are one thing, but taking control away from the player during gameplay is a recipe for disaster. Any time the player isn't in complete control disrupts the flow of gameplay, and it is worst when it leads to death. This includes auto-aim, in-game cutscenes where you lose control of the character, and, in inFAMOUS 2, auto-grabbing everything.

x Consistency is key
Cause and effect...all causes should have the same effects. If you can climb on ONE pole in inFAMOUS, you should be able to climb on ALL poles, and not clip through and die on some of them >:0

x Responsive controls are also key
When you press a button, the game should immediately respond. There should not be a delay due to animation or something. Animations are okay to look like shit if they are backed up by snappy example is Colonial Marines. Good work, boys!

x Deaths should be the player's fault
When the player dies, it should feel like it's their fault. If the player dies because the camera got stuck in the ground (inFAMOUS) or they were killed during an in-game cutscene (Resident Evil 6), then that is bad. When the player dies, they should think, "Okay, next time I will try again harder" instead of, "Great, every time I play this part, I will die because of the game fucking up."

x Make a list of things you can do in the game
...does it look like fun? Does following a minimap and collecting dots sound like a good time (inFAMOUS, Assassin's Creed, FarCry 3)? >:0No no'z of game design:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013

PROfilez: FarCry 3 (2012)

- Nice graphics
- Weapons are good, and good to use. Nice variety and attachments
- Explosions have very nice impact
- The parts where you are in the club with your friends, even though you are unarmed
- Friend with the flat brimmed hat, the main character's sexy girlfriend
- The song at the end is nice

- Very distracting mini-map takes focus away from what is actually going on
- Extremely repetitive is twice as long as it needs to be
- Easy combat...tension is sense of danger...leads to boredom
- Doesn't rain very often in the game (only twice in 25 hour playthrough)
- Stupid characters like Vaas and the black guy with glasses and the one who is like Sheva from RE5

Case Study: Infamouz 2 (PS3)

The long awaited new video ;p


Saturday, October 5, 2013

PROfilez: Crysis 2 (2011)

- Looks very nice, good range of environments
- Killing the ceph is satisfying because all of their goop spatters out
- You can put silencers on all the weapons

- Unnecessary HUD elements everywhere detract from the graphics (radar, weapon info, waypoints, tagged enemies and items, pick-up prompts, object outlines, point counters, etc.). Coupled with the high amount of detail, this makes it difficult to focus on where enemies are relative to you in the environment.
- Goddamned suit won't stop talking and is very annoying
- Performance can be bad sometimes, even on a Nvidia 550ti
- Story makes no sense whatsoever. As the game progresses and becomes more repetitive, there is no driving motivation to find out what happens next.
- Maximum Speed is gone >:0

PROfilez: Mass Effect (2007)

- Dating sim partz that shows a woman's butt in it (unlike the sequels with no nudity)
- Choose-your-own adventure storyline where you can choose to kill lots of aliens and be mean to everyone
- Very interesting backstory (later ruined in Mass Effect 3)
- Very scary plot twist
- Very satisfying ending where you get revenge
- Combat system is unseen never before in a video game. Challenging and tactical.
- All the weapons have infinite ammo
- Best soundtrack. BEST.
- Song at the end of the game is the best and will blow the player face off
- Characters are dressed for combat (unlike the sequels)
- You get to drive around on a ton of planets, even though there is nothing on them, which makes the game seem very big and immersive (unlike the sequels)
- Lens flares everywhere
- Not very long game...15 hours action short and powerful (unlike the sequels). Storyline develops as you go along and lots of stuff happens, unlike the sequels.

- Nothing

PROfilez: Metro 2033 (2010)

- Very immersive by removing the HUD and having to manually manage your weaponz and gear
- Nice high difficulty with enemies that do much a lot of damage. Checkpoint system is spaced out well to balance repetition and tension.
- Graphics is nice effects like dirt specs in the air

- Enemies know EXACTLY where you are when alerted and can kill you in the pitch black dark from very far away. When you get close to their corpse, you discover that the majority do no have NVG so it doesn't make sense
- Game becomes easier with NVG when you get it, but's that's okay
- Enemies don't have dicks, ballsacks or assholes

Gamer A

Gamer A: The best Kaiju, even though I have never seen His movie. I think he is a Gamer.


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Modeling update

Just working a little bit, without any assistance ;)

It's like the Quiet character from the Metal Gare Solid V game coming soon:

Environment test

Here is an artist's render of what a post apocalyptic future might look like:


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Turok 2

The biggest travesty of this last console generation is that this game was CANCELLED. Words cannot begin to describe my disappointment >:0


Case Study: Infamouz (PS3)

Case Study: Infamouz (PS3)

Here we see how moving lighting and shadows makes a difference to add emotion in a simple sewer level.

CryEngine 3 Prototype

CryEngine 3 Prototye:

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just another all nighter ;P 

#starbucks #rocknroll

Current project: "GAM"

Title screen for upcoming project "GAM".

The best game ;P

Case Study: Alienz Colonial Marinez: Stasiz Interrupted DLC (PS3)

Case Study: Alienz Colonial Marinez: Stasiz Interrupted DLC (PS3):

Take the look at the environments, ambiance, and the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) provided by this vastly underrated game. 

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Random blog

Pointless blog. For important thingz

Like this image:

Or this video: