Saturday, December 28, 2013

PROfilez: Turok 2: Seedz of Evil (N64)

- Best graphics at the time, still hold up to this day due to good animations
- Dismemberment and tons of gore, enemies react to getting shot or what weapon you're holding
- Giant enemies, all of them distinct and well designed
- Creative weapons like the Cerebral Bore, Tek Bow, Scorpion, Razor Wind and Shredder
- Incredible soundtrack and audio design
- World design is impressive, atmosphere is desolate and ominous
- Invented the weapon wheel that is illegally plagiarized even to this day
- "Frag Tag" (aka Monkey Tag) multiplayer mode is in a league of its own even to this day
- Black box and black game cart are very cool even to this day
- If I had three wishes, one of them would be for this game to be remade

- Extremely easy to get completely and utterly lost
- Despite weapon variety, the shotgun ends up being your go-to gun for most of the game
- Cannot kill the children you run into
- PC version lighting looks like shit (see: all of these screenshots, which are just full-bright, or 99% of the videos on youtube, which also feature the fucked-up emulated version. The real version is so god damned dark and spooky, you need to use the Flare Gun or flashlight to see)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

PROfilez: Killzone Shaodw Fall (PS4)

- Nice graphics
- Very balanced multiplayer with good map design and unique abilities and upgrades
- Gun controls are ultra-responsive
- The OWL drone is cool when it works
- The Spoor gun is designed very well

- Fuckiing OWL drone is very temperamental about when it will work and is thus very unreliable
- Can't hear anything anyone is saying, even with the music and sfx turned down..have to use subtitiles
- Lots of rocks, poles, chairs, and other pointless things in the environment to get stuck on
- Overall amount of gun combat is relatively low
- Too many dark levels, all without a flashlight
- "Stealth" mission paths that can't be completed with stealth
- "Simon says" -type "do-what-I-say-or-die" levels with Echo, even though she is hot
- Some very poor pacing in the campaign make for some agonizingly drawn out pointless scenes
- Music is noticeably absent in many parts of the campaign, and doesn't contribute much to the overall atmosphere when present
- D-pad can be unresponsive in multiplayer
- The player "Gods Messenger" in multiplayer is gay

Screen shots by me >:0